Victim Of An MVA? 3 Actions To Help You Get The Compensation You Deserve

Car insurance company commercials like to make everyone believe that the coverage they offer will provide all the protection, financial support, and care necessary for those who are injured in a motor vehicle accident (MVA). While most companies do a reasonable job of helping their claimants get their vehicles fixed and addressing basic medical needs, they rarely provide the scope of care needed to fully restore the claimant's life to its pre-accident level of health or financial security. If you have recently been involved in a vehicle accident and find that you are struggling to get the compensation you deserve, this information can help you address the situation more forcefully and improve your chances of success. 

Review the entire claim 

In instances where neither your own or the other driver's insurance company is offering you acceptable settlement for the type and severity of the injury and damage you have incurred, it can be helpful to review the entire claim process. Simple typographical errors and minor discrepancies in the documentation provided by traffic reconstruction experts, witnesses to the accident, the medical care providers, and the law enforcement officers on scene can all negatively affect the compensation you have been offered. 

As you review the documentation, be sure to make extensive notes and use your own copies of records to provide proof for any corrections that need to be made. 

Offer clear expectations 

When communicating with the insurance representatives in an attempt to raise the settlement amount to an acceptable figure, it is important for you always be clear and firm about your expectations. In addition, always take notes during calls and then send a followup letter or email immediately afterward with a copy of your notes and your thoughts on the discussion. Doing this will help to provide a clear record of each contact while serving to better protect your interests, should the claim become a legal matter. 

Consult a personal injury attorney

In cases where it becomes clear that negotiating on your own with your insurance company or that of the other driver is not achieving the results you need, you should consider having a consultation with a personal injury attorney

An attorney will help you understand the legal avenues open to you in seeking a fair settlement to help restore your life to normal. In addition, an attorney will be able to expertly handle all communications with the other parties, allowing you to devote your time to resting and healing from the ordeal you have suffered. 

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