Meeting With An Injury Lawyer For A Consultation? Do These 3 Things

If you're worried about not receiving the compensation that you deserve from an injury, you'll want to work with a lawyer as soon as possible. You have the option of scheduling a consultation to review your case and decide if they are a lawyer that you want to use to help defend you. Here are some ways you can prepare before the consultation.

Answer Preliminary Questions

When selecting an injury lawyer, it's really more about getting to know each other than you making a selection. It is entirely possible that a lawyer will not want to take on your case if they feel like you don't have a good one. That is why it is common for a lawyer to ask you preliminary questions before a consultation. This is something you should answer seriously and honestly, since it will help guide the initial consultation with the lawyer with specific questions regarding your case.

Write Down Your Own Questions

Don't walk into a consultation without any questions to ask the lawyer. If you do not take your time to think about them and write them down, you may completely forget to ask during the meeting.

Start by asking about the fees associated with representing you. It is common for injury lawyers to not be paid unless they win the case for you, but that doesn't mean that their services are absolutely free in that instance. You still may be liable for paying fees associated with the case. This includes things like court costs, printing fees for legal documents, and even parking at the courthouse for your lawyer.

Also, understand that your time may be limited in a consultation. You will not have the flexibility to chat about your case all day, so it is important that you are quick and concise when asking questions.

Gather Your Documentation

It is a good idea to bring any documentation with you to the consultation. The lawyer may use this information to determine if they want to take on your case, so chances are they will want to review it in person. This includes things such as medical records related to your injury, and witness statements that were made regarding your injury, and even a written statement by yourself about how you feel the accident occurred.

By being prepared for your consultation with an injury lawyer, you'll be able to state your case and determine if they are a good fit for you. Go to websites like to learn more. 

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