How To Qualify For Pain And Suffering After A Car Accident

If you have ever heard of someone who was involved in a major car accident and ended up receiving a very large settlement, it is likely that the person received money for something called pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is a category of compensation people commonly ask for in car accident settlements, and here are several things to know if you hope to qualify for this after you experienced a car accident.

It Is Designed to Cover Emotional Pain and Stress From a Car Accident

Pain and suffering is a type of compensation people can receive after a car accident in some cases, and it is designed to cover the emotional pain and stress the person is dealing with after the collision. Emotional pain and stress is very different from physical injuries, and it is much harder to prove. When you have emotional pain and stress, it may cause you to feel anxious, depressed, sad, or scared. It might prevent you from sleeping well at night, and it might be the result of not being able to do the things you could do prior to the accident.

It Is Typically Awarded Only for Major Car Accidents

Pain and suffering is not something that is typically awarded to people when they go through minor car crashes. In most cases, it is something people can receive from major crashes, though, and it typically is awarded to people who suffer major medical problems from the car crash they were involved in. If your crash was minor, and if you were really not injured from the crash, you probably will not qualify for compensation to cover pain and suffering.

It May Only Be Available to the Victim

Another thing to know is that, in most cases, compensation for pain and suffering is only available to the victim of the case and not to the at-fault driver. If you were the person who caused the collision, you probably will not qualify for pain and suffering compensation.

It's Not Just Awarded; It Must Be Proven

Finally, if you meet the requirements for it, you should realize that it will take some work to prove that you should receive compensation for this. In other words, the court and insurance company will not simply offer you money for this. They will want to see proof that you really are suffering emotionally from the accident.

If you believe that you qualify for compensation to cover the pain and suffering you experienced from your accident, you should talk to a personal injury attorney to determine if you meet the requirements for this.

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