What to Do If a Manufacturing Defect Causes a Vehicular Accident

A defective automotive part can result in a serious accident that threatens your livelihood. Imagine driving down a winding road, minding your business and paying attention to the road. All of a sudden, a cat jumps out in front of you and you attempt to engage your vehicle's brakes. Unfortunately, the brakes stick, leading your car to skid sideways down the roadway while you attempt to recover control of your vehicle. The end result? You wind up hitting a tree.

Do Not Verbalize an Admission of Guilt

After being shaken up by an unexpected crash, it can be difficult to regain your bearings so that you can determine exactly what happened. You may not even realize at first that the vehicle's brakes were responding improperly. Things need to cool down some for you to gain a clear picture of what occurred. In the meantime, you have a responsibility to contact your insurance provider and the police if your vehicle or the tree is severely damaged.

Try to be concise when answering questions. Include information about the rate of speed that you were traveling, the current weather conditions, and what prompted you to put your foot on the brake pedal. Do not verbalize that you think that you were at fault in any way.

If you admit guilt, it could severely hurt your case. A car accident attorney should be consulted as soon as you are cleared medically. An attorney will have your vehicle inspected and determine if it would be favorable for a product liability lawsuit to be filed against the manufacturer of your vehicle. 

Do Not Have Repairs Made for the Time Being

It is not wise to have the brakes replaced until you have gone to court. This could make it difficult for you to get to work or handle daily tasks if you do not have another car, but choosing to have your car fixed will make it impossible for your lawyer to prove that you were the victim in the vehicular crash. Also, why take the chance of another incident occurring?

The vehicle could have another underlying problem that you aren't even aware of. This could cause another accident that could threaten your life. For now, seek rides from loved ones or friends or purchase a cheap vehicle if you have the means to do so. If you win your lawsuit, you will receive funds that will help with getting your finances back in order.

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