Semi-Truck Crashes Are A Reality; What Everyone Must Know

Many drivers do not realize the dangers they face on the roadways. This is why collisions are a normal occurrence. Most drivers could imagine having a car wreck involving another vehicle. However, the idea of getting involved in an accident involving a semi-truck might seem like less of a reality. There are many semi-trucks on the roadways at any given time. These "super trucks" are often hauling materials, and some of the materials being hauled can result in catastrophic circumstances if a collision occurs. Some victims who are involved in these collisions experience the ultimate fate of death. There are also victims who receive serious injuries that can impact them for the rest of their lives. The following points will help you to understand how some semi-truck drivers exhibit negligent behaviors that put drivers at risk. 

Violation of State and Federal Laws

Truck drivers must follow the trucking laws in the states they work in as well as federal trucking laws. If they break the law, it is possible for the court system to deem their actions as negligent. The negligent behavior could be assigned solely to the driver. However, in some cases, the employer or trucking company can be deemed responsible for the drivers' actions. It is also possible for both to be listed in a lawsuit.

Ignoring Safety Issues with Truck

Sometimes truck drivers have rigid delivery schedules. This is not an excuse for them to avoid making obvious repairs. For example, a damaged truck bed could cause cargo or goods to be lodged in the roadway at oncoming traffic and cause a wreck. Trucking companies must also ensure that they are abreast of safety recalls. If they fail to get repairs made an accident occurs, they could be viewed as negligent. Most manufacturers send recall notices via mail.

Improper Logbook Entries

Truck drivers must take rest breaks. This information must be documented in their logbooks. If the entries are not entered, it can stand to reason that there is no proof that they took the breaks. There are logbook regulations that govern the length of rest time drivers must take and how long they can drive before they must take mandatory breaks.

A semi-truck crash attorney is a good resource to use if you or a family member was injured in a wreck involving a semi. If a tragedy such as death occurred, the surviving family members might be entitled to compensation if negligence is discovered. Sometimes insurance companies make settlement offers for compensation. These offers are not always fair and may not cover future expenses, which is why it is ideal to use caution accepting them.

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