When Should You Apply For Social Security Disability?

When something happens and you can no longer work to take care of yourself, Social Security Disability is there to pick up the burden a little so you can still survive. While most employees do know what Social Security Disability is and how they should go about getting it, many are a little confused about when they should apply for benefits. There are specific timeframes when it is best to file your claim. Here is a look at a few examples of when it is best to apply for your Social Security Disability benefits. 

Apply for Social Security Disability as soon as you become disabled.

A lot of people get injured or stop working, and then wait around a while before they file for their Social Security Disability. It is always best to go ahead and sign up as soon as you become disabled because the process of getting your benefits can take so long. If something changes and you are capable of going back to work at some point down the road, you can always withdraw your claim, so there is no risk associated with filing for benefits too early after you become disabled. 

Apply for Social Security Disability when your doctor tells you that you should. 

Health practitioners often get a first-hand look at people who are permanently disabled, so it is not at all uncommon for them to make recommendations about filing for Social Security Disability. If your doctor makes this recommendation to you, make sure you pay attention and go ahead and file. No one is more familiar with your physical limitations than your physician, and if yours is telling you that you need to be on Social Security Disability, they will likely be willing to do what they can to help you get it. 

Apply Social Security Disability if you get injured severely on the job. 

If you get injured on the job in such a way that it could prevent you from ever going back to work, you should apply for Social Security Disability just the same as you have applied for worker's compensation. A lot of employees make the mistake of assuming worker's compensation is the only thing they need to worry about, but there are limits to worker's compensation. Your benefits will end, and you will need Social Security Disability payments to already be in place so you are not left with no income. 

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