When It's Time To Discover Personal Injury Success

For those injured in a car wreck through no fault of their own, the law provides an avenue of compensation. You are entitled to file suit against that careless driver and to be paid for your damages, which can mean payment for medical bills, your wrecked car, lost wages and pain and suffering. Part of the legal process that leads up to a personal injury trial includes discovery, which consists of several different exchanges of information between you and the other party. Read on to learn more about one of the main legal procedures that occurs during discovery: the deposition.

What purpose does the deposition serve?

Both sides have a right and a responsibility to go into a courtroom being fully prepared, and that means having all available information at their disposal. A deposition acts as a sort of trial before the trial, in that all connected parties participate in a series of meetings where they are deposed, or questioned under oath. Any testimony given during the deposition can be used during the upcoming trial. As you might imagine, this experience can give both sides a lot of information about the case, the witnesses, the evidence and how the participants will perform while being questioned at the trial.

Doing your part

Your personal injury attorney understands the importance of the deposition and will make sure that you are well-prepared to answer questions about the accident and your resulting injuries. You can only help your case by looking back over your notes, medical records, documents, and reports to refresh your memories. Often the deposition takes place months and months after the wreck, so your attorney may assist you in ensuing that your answers are accurate and confident.

How can a deposition lead to success?

Once the other side gets a good look at your case, they may be prompted to offer you a settlement. No one really wants to go to trial, since it takes time and money away from all parties. Making you a fair offer helps you to get paid quickly for your damages, and allows the at-fault driver's insurance company to get that case off of their books.

How much will you be offered?

You and your attorney will both participate in deciding on a bottom-line dollar amount that you want to receive from the other side. Don't be disappointed by the their initial low offer, because the negotiations are just beginning and the final figure will be one that you and your attorney feel is adequate and fair. 

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