3 Options for How You Can Request a Hearing to Appeal Denied Disability Benefits

Don't feel discouraged if your initial Social Security disability claim has been denied. You should know that the majority of claims are at first denied. Individuals who succeed in getting benefits typically need to be persistent and follow up an initial denial with an appeal. In fact, first time claims for disability benefits are denied at a rate of around 65 percent.

Receiving a denial after an initial claim submission is no big deal. You simply have to appeal the denial to continue pursuing the benefits you deserve. One of the best things you can do after a denial is request a hearing so that you can meet in person with a judge to make your case.

The following are the three methods available for requesting a hearing after you've been denied Social Security disability benefits:

Send in a request for a hearing online

Applying online is probably the fastest and most convenient way to request a hearing. However, you need to meet certain requirements to be eligible to apply online. You must have received a Notice of Decision denying your benefits. 

To apply online, you will need to fill out a Disability Internet Appeal Application and submit a disability report. You'll need to include a lot of information when you request a hearing online, including details about your medical condition, treatment, previous denial of your claim, and contact details for a witness who is familiar with your medical condition.

Fill out and send in appeal forms to your area's Social Security office

You can also submit a request for a hearing by printing out a hard copy form and mailing it in to your local Social Security office. The form you will need to send in to do this is known as the HA-501 form

Your Social Security disability attorney can help you fill out this form. On the form, you'll let Social Security know why you disagree with your claim's denial, what type of new information you can submit in your hearing to back up your claim, and who is your legal representative regarding your claim.

Write a letter requesting a hearing and send it in to your area's Social Security office

Alternatively, you can send in a letter that requests a hearing. Upon receiving this letter, your local Social Security office will send you further instructions on the status of your hearing request and what else you need to do in order to arrange for a hearing.

For further assistance during this process, be sure to contact legal resources such as Cohen & Siegel LLP.

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