3 Items to Take to the Consultation With Your Slip and Fall Attorney

If you have recently been injured after slipping and falling at a local store, you may wonder what you can do to help your lawyer assist you in winning your personal injury case. If so, take the following three items to your consultation.

Medical Reports And Test Results

Shortly after the accident, you probably went either to the emergency room or your doctor to have your injuries checked out. If so, obtain copies of your medical reports, notes, and test results to your consultation. 

Along with the official medical documents, you may also want to write down your personal account of the accident, as well as any symptoms you experienced during and immediately afterward.

Also, keep a daily diary of how the accident and your symptoms have affected your life. A detailed account of your personal experience can help with pain and suffering portion of your lawsuit.

Names And Phone Numbers Of Any Witnesses

If possible, try to track down any witnesses that were present when you fell, and speak with them. Ask them what they saw, including anything unusual or hazardous that led to your fall, such as a wet floor with no warning sign.

Once you speak with each witness, ask them if you or your attorney may contact them later. If so, write down their phone number, and give it to your lawyer.

Any Communications From The Store And Their Legal Representatives

Shortly after your accident, you may start hearing from the owner, lawyers, and insurance company of the store in which you fell and were injured. When they contact you by phone, politely explain that you are seeking legal counsel. Then, write down their name and number, as well as the time and date they contacted you, and give them to your attorney.

Also, bring in any offers of compensation or any other written communications from the store's representatives so your lawyer can look them over. You can have your attorney contact them so you can avoid unintentionally saying the wrong thing and possibly be giving them information that could be misconstrued and used against you if your lawsuit goes to court.

Taking the above items can help give your lawyer an overview of your accident, as well as how to begin proceeding with your case. If you have any further questions or concerns, you can talk with your slip and fall attorney during your consultation.

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