Should I Go To Trial After A Head Injury?

Businesses are responsible for creating safe environments for their customers and others who happen to be on their property. If the employer does not take the steps necessary to keep the environment safe and this results in a visitor suffering a head injury, the victim absolutely must seek compensation for the injury. The effects of a head injury can be unpredictable and long-lasting. Therefore, it is important to seek the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Calculating The Damages

One of the most important parts about seeking compensation for a head injury is determining the minimum that you would be willing to receive. Settling the case out of court is the least expensive and most efficient solution. 

You will need to work with a personal injury lawyer to calculate all of the damages that you may have suffered. The victims of personal injury often focus on medical bills, since these are the immediate and most obvious expenses they will have to pay, but there are many other expenses. For example, you will need to calculate both current and future lost wages.

In order to determine whether you will have future lost wages, it is important to consult with a physician who will be able to provide an estimation of how long you will be out of work. You will also need to have a diary where you are able to document the effects that your injuries have had on your daily life. Write down each time you have suffered a headache or dizziness. Make sure to be accurate about your experiences because this may also play a role in the medical treatments that you will receive. The total value of your claim will be the combination of these specific and general claims.

Determining Whether You Should Go To Trial

Next, you will need to determine how much it would cost for you to go to trial. This must then be subtracted from the damages you have suffered. This will provide you with the total amount you could expect if you went to trial. Also, examine common jury verdicts to get a sense of what type of settlement others have received for similar head injuries. All of this can allow you to determine whether you should go to trial or whether it would make more sense to settle out of court. You may not be able to receive compensation for all of the damages that you have received, but you will be able to maximize your compensation.

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