5 Factors That Are Going To Influence Your Car Accident Claim

If you have been involved in a car accident that was another driver's fault, you are going to want to seek compensation for the damages or injuries that you have endured. Of course, you are going to want the max compensation possible in order to cover every expense directly related to the accident both during the accident and the years following the accident. This compensation amount is going to be influenced by these five factors:

  1. Consistency: First off, you need to be consistent in your claim. If your story changes, it looks like you lied about the outcome of the accident. This typically leads to lower compensation amounts or even a denied claim. This is why it's important that if the insurance company asks for a recorded statement, you do not provide one because they will look for inconsistencies that could ruin your claim. Instead, talk with your lawyer and establish your story. 
  2. Evidence: There must be sufficient evidence that the other driver was negligant while driving to prove that they were at fault for the accident. This is why it's important to file a police report that has witness statements. You also need to hire an auto accident attorney who can find more sufficient evidence if what is currently evident is not enough to prove the case entirely. 
  3. Injury Treatment: You will not receive compensation for injuries if you did not care for them as you were supposed to. This includes seeking medical care right after the accident has occurred. This way, your injuries are directly linked to the accident and cannot be refuted as being the injury of some other incident. You also need to make all of your doctor appointments and follow doctor's care instructions, as well so that your doctor can testify for you if needed. 
  4. Lifestyle: After the event of the car accident, you need to be sure that you are not participating in any excessive physical activities that can disprove your injury. You also should not post about the case on any social media sites, which can only be used against you, especially if any inconsistences are found. 
  5. An Attorney: Finally, you need to hire an auto accident attorney since they are specialized to work on auto accident cases. This means that they have the expertise to ensure that you are awarded the most fair compensation amount possible. 

When you know these five factors, you can be sure that you control each one so that it cannot be used against you when making a claim. 

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