3 Big Reasons To Talk To Your Attorney About Finding A Chiropractor After Your Auto Accident

Auto accidents can lead to all kinds of short and long-term injuries that require an array of treatment, which is why so many auto accidents end with a personal injury claim, as insurance companies are not always willing to pay the costs. However, back and neck injuries could easily be deemed some of the most common auto accident injuries and these injuries often have you looking for a good chiropractor to help. Something that is usually as simple as choosing a chiropractor can definitely be complicated by the concurrent process of an ongoing personal injury claim. Here are a few reasons why allowing your personal injury attorney to help you find a chiropractor is a good idea. 

Not every chiropractor will offer their testimony about your condition. 

Even though there re many chiropractors who will gladly hand over their testimony or give a deposition about your injuries and your physical condition, there are some who will not. Some chiropractors just do not have enough time to commit to such responsibilities because they are so busy and some prefer to only give written evaluations. 

Not every chiropractor is familiar with personal injury cases and how they work. 

If you seek out a chiropractor and receive their care, the more familiar they are with personal injury claims relative to auto accidents, the better off you will be. They will know the help and assistance you will need from them from the get go and won't be scared away by things like having to offer a physical evaluation of your condition to the court. 

Not every chiropractor will be willing to work with your attorney. 

Many chiropractors would rather keep their distance from personal injury cases, and, therefore, they will not be willing to consult with your attorney or even get involved at all. In a personal injury case, having a doctor in charge of your care who is not willing to communicate or collaborate with your legal representor can be a huge stumbling block. 

In the end, there is no better person fit for the job of helping you find a good chiropractor after an auto accident than your personal injury attorney. If you have been injured in an automobile accident and plan to seek chiropractic care, talk to your attorney first. You may be surprised at how easily they can steer you toward a qualified professional like Edward M. Graves III who is familiar enough with personal injury cases to be a major help. 

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